At IFR6, our Accelerated IFR course allows you to get your Instrument rating in six days, in your own airplane. We use a FAA-approved, full-motion Redbird FMX AATD, providing intensive training in every phase of your instrument skills, then move to the airplane, where you practice what you learned. Using a combination of the simulator with your airplane, you will practice approaches, holds, emergencies, and every facet of instrument flight on the ground until it becomes routine, and then put that training to work in the airplane. Our training is scenario-based and moves sequentially: what you learn in your ground training will be practiced in the full-motion simulator until you have the procedures mastered, then moved out to your plane for the finishing touches.

Our course is geared for 6 to 7 days, in your own airplane. You will spend approximately nine hours with an instructor every day, with some ground work, simulator time, and airplane experience each day. We are based at Charleston International Airport (KCHS), just minutes from one of the top vacation destinations in America, so your family can enjoy their stay while you work on your Instrument rating. Our instructors are skilled in using the simulator in conjunction with your training, and are dedicated in getting you done as quickly, efficiently, and safely as possible. Your accelerated course will take you to numerous destinations throughout the Southeast during your daily IFR cross-country flights, and when you fly home, it will be on an IFR flight plan.