Our Proven Process

Over the years, we have finely tuned our IFR6 Process. We’ve developed so that you can succeed.


Hold on, Cowboy! Before you land at IFR6 HQ, we ask that you prepare yourself well for this intensive 6 day course. This means we have several IFR training requirements.

They are as follows:

  • 40 Hours of PIC Cross-Country Time
  • Completed Written Test
  • Complete Aircraft Logbooks, Annual, and IFR Checks (for own aircraft)
  • Current Flight Review
  • Current Medical (Basic Med OK)
  • Valid U.S Passport or Birth certificate
  • 10 hours of IFR Flight Instruction
  • Current GPS data (if installed)
  • A Minimum of 50 hours in Your Airplane

Day 1 | Orientation

Arrive at our facility where you will get to know the staff and go over course prep. We’ll make sure all documentation and requirements are in order, give you your IFR6 Package, and also your first homework.

On Day 1 we will cover:

  • IFR Power Settings for Your Aircraft
  • Basic Instrument Work and Challenging Patterns
  • Unusual Attitudes
  • Partial Panel

Day 2 | VOR Navigation

The most basic and still popular form of VOR Navigation will be covered on this first day. If you can navigate by VOR, all other navigation will come with relative ease.

On Day 2 we will cover:

  • VOR Orientation
  • VOR Tracking, with and without wind
  • VOR Accuracy Checks
  • Holding Procedures and Holds
  • VOR Approach

Day 3 | GPS Navigation

Now that you’ve learned VOR procedures, it’s time for GPS Navigation. This form of navigation is easier, more accurate, and arguably has greater reliability. On Day 3 we will cover:

  • GPS Enroute
  • GPS Approach
  • GPS Holds
  • GPS Partial Panel

Day 4 | ILS Approaches

Nothing says IFR success like breaking out of the clouds at minimums with the runway right below- right on track. Day 4 is all about dialing the ILS and flying it with methodic precision.

On Day 4 we will cover:

  • ILS Approach
  • Localizer Approach
  • ILS Approach, Partial Panel
  • Holds

Day 5 | Bring it All Together

Today you’ll be bringing a lot of things together. With many different forms of navigation, and a quickly accruing of IFR hours, you’re almost to the checkride.

On Day 5 we will cover:

  • STARS and DPs
  • Any Review Needed
  • ILS, GPS & VOR Approach
  • Holds
  • Partial Panel

Day 6 | Checkride Prep


You Have Almost Made It!

The checkride is just around the corner. But really, this isn’t about just a checkride, it’s about polishing off the final rough corners so that you are confident to fly IFR after you actually get your ticket.

On Day 6 We Cover:

  • Any Review Needed
  • Practice Checkride(s)

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