“I had been working on my IR for several months and making steady progress, but a combination of work, aircraft maintenance, weather and schedule conflicts made me realize that completion would take time and that “real life” would continue to get in the way.  IFR6 gave me the perfect environment to get me over the finish line.  By spending 6 days in an intensive, focused environment away from home and work distractions, I was able to finalize and polish my skills with a great syllabus that was geared towards getting my rating successfully.  My instructor Kirk Bray was excellent – a great, low-key teaching style that was perfectly suited to letting me figure out where I needed additional work and helping me find the confidence in my instrument skills.  Once the exam started, I wasn’t really nervous – the oral was an enjoyable conversation about instrument flying between two pilots.  During the flight test, I had confidence in my ability to fly the airplane and complete the required elements.  It was actually a fun experience!  I can’t recommend IFR6 highly enough if you’re looking to get the IR behind you and get confidence in your skills.  The next day, I filed IFR for a family visit in Charlotte (and did my first approach in actual IMC), and then flew all the way back to Houston under an IFR flight plan with some of that flight also in actual IMC.  You really will fly in VFR, and fly home IFR!”

Joel Mack, June 2018