Truly as good as it gets. I did the IFR-6 program in September 2017. Mike runs a tight ship, and the instructors are a more-passionate and enthusiastic group than you would find at a puppy-mill flight school. This team is doing it because they love it. The team of instructors and management are humorous and personable more than most of the time, and yet deadly-serious when they need to be, just as you would expect. My IFR-6 instructor, Kirk, is in a class by himself among the CFIs and CFIIs I've flown with over 26 years when it comes to adapting to the learning style of his student. The entire team encourages you to ask as many questions as you can think up, and if you request them to challenge you in certain ways to suit your experience, style, knowledge gaps, or aircraft type, they are happy to oblige and don't consider it to be an "extra." The CRAFT team's mastery of their Redbird simulator is apparent and they will let you bang out patterns and approaches til your heart's content. It may be a little-known fact that the IFR-6 graduates are welcome to come back and practice in the Redbird whenever they like... an excellent perk.

M. Russell, July 2017

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