Learning to fly an airplane solely by reference to instruments is almost like learning another language. Most would agree that the best way to learn a new language is by total immersion. Attempting to converse with the waiter in his native tongue once a week is not a very effective way to become fluent. Similarly, the once a week (or less often in most cases) that a student spends with his CFII is inefficient. I was looking for a better way to get this rating and found IFR6 through a google search. I was intrigued by the organization of the curriculum and, after a little more research and a call to Mike, I decided to take the plunge. I wanted to learn in my Bonanza but I live several states distant and the weather was not looking good for a VFR pilot to make it to Charleston. Not a problem as Mike came to Little Rock and we flew back together the next morning. The arrival at Charleston gave me a lot of confidence for the coming week as we had to shoot the ILS into 33 in moderate rain at night. We broke out around 400 feet and let me tell you, no approach lights ever looked better to me! Mike was a calm and reassuring presence in the right seat throughout. The next day I met Kirk Bray who proved to be a fantastic teacher. His calm demeanor and encouraging style was just what I needed. As advertised, we started each day in the sim which allowed me to become completely comfortable with my scan and my ability to control the airplane in turns, climbs and descents improved with each session. The afternoon was spent in the airplane. The time goes by fast and soon it was time for the checkride. I went into it with a nervous confidence but was assured by Kirk that I was ready and I was quickly put at ease by my DPE Wally Moran. The oral was a low stress conversation with another pilot (a very accomplished and knowledgeable one!) followed by the practical. It went well and I flew home 600 miles IFR the next morning. The very next day I made 2 short trips in IMC! The key to success is to come prepared and to come with confidence that you will be successful. Kirk and Mike have been doing this for a while and it is a program that works! Thanks Kirk and Mike!

R. Lowery, Nov. 2017

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