A huge thank you to Kirk and Mike for this awesome week with IFR6. After taking a long time to get my pilots license, I decided to do an accelerated IFR course. I really did my research - I made a list of every accelerated course in the country, read their reviews and considered their cost. IFR6 ended up being the winner. Being able to escape the cold for the warmth in Charleston was an added bonus! Every day follows a similar pattern - you spend the morning in the simulator, shooting approaches, or doing other things like scan development or holds as needed. Then, for the afternoon you use the plane (I used their Skyhawk) and do the same things in the air. This method really works - you develop your skills quicker, and it's much more cost effective since you'll spend more time in the sim (which is included in the base IFR6 cost) rather than the plane. Kirk is a real asset for IFR6. IFR6 is the main CFI'ing he does, so he knows the program and the common pitfalls inside out. He also has a very gentle and encouraging teaching style that is a stark contrast to many CFI's! He's pretty much the perfect type of instructor for this course. The day of my checkride had actual IMC, and I had to file IFR in the system (usually the checkrides are done VFR, but with foggles). The wind was also gusting, making altitudes harder to hold, etc. However, I felt the program had prepared me very well, and the checkride went smoothly. It's crazy to think that a week before I wouldn't have felt comfortable or safe doing this, but here I felt totally in control, and I knew I would be fine to fly in real IMC and fit in the ATC system.

S. Jenkins, Dec 2017

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