I had read about the IFR6 program here on the COPA sight. I decided to give them a call and scheduled the training. It was a really good program. I started there last Saturday and left there 6 days later with my instrument rating. It was a good feeling filing and flying home 17K’ IFR. When I got back home, I had to shoot the GPS approach that has a DH of 480’ luckily as I was getting ready to hit the GA button, the runway magically appeared in front of me at 500’. If you have been putting this off or dragging it out give these guys a call.

M. Lesniowski, July 2017

Can't say enough about Kirk Bray, my CFII for the IFR6 course. "Above and beyond" are the right words, because while each day has a 9am start, the day is not over until everything on the syllabus *and* your own list of items in the same topic areas have all been achieved. This is a personal touch by the CFII on a flat rate. Need to jump back into the sim late in the day to see something one more time? No problem. You go home to do the homework each night tired but confident. My favorite part was how they spend all of Day 1 to learn about you, the student, your experience and learning style. This makes the remaining days go smoothly and you get maximum time to hammer away at the sim and real airplane. CRAFT has established a robust curriculum for the IFR6 program, which they consider valuable IP (I agree), but how they fine tune it to the particular student is the more impressive part. I was able to bring my own list of "soft spots" to work on, which the instructor added to his own list after watching me fly, and together we built a decent candidate for the "additional license to learn" that is the IFR ticket.

M. Russell, September 2017

I would highly recommend IFR6 for anyone that wants to knock the training out in a short, focused time period. The repetition is the best way for me to learn and I was away from the distractions of my business & personal life. I would suggest taking your course as soon after passing the written as possible.

S. Hamilton, September 2017

I went into IFR6 a little skeptical thinking I would not be ready for the checkride on day 6, but as soon as they get a hold of you and start cranking and polishing your skills within the first few minutes you feel your getting somewhere. Mike and Kirk really make you feel at comfort and ease until everything falls into place! I went in feeling like a pigeon and left feeling like an eagle. Definitely will not forget the fun I had that week and walking away with my instrument rating was a blessing.

Carl Napoli, July 2017

One year after taking my written test and making very little progress on getting the practical training done for my IFR certificate I learned about the IFR6 program. While I had done some prep work prior to going to the IFR6 I was doubtful that I could actually get it done in just one week. I figured I would at least make some good progress towards my ticket and finish up after I got home. It turns out the IFR6 training was very efficient. The repetition in the RedBird each morning was very effective at building muscle memory in preparation for the afternoon flight in the airplane. On the afternoon of the sixth day I had my check ride. On the morning of the seventh day I was able to fly three hours of actual IMC safely on my way home with IFR ticket in hand. The program is very well structured and organized and the instructors are very professional.

Marvin McCreary, June , 2017

The same winning process of learning in the sim and practicing in the plane that they use for the PPL worked exactly the same for the IFR. There is plenty of time to make mistakes and learn from them in the sim. When you get to the plane it feels like you have already "been there, done that". I received my IFR certificate on April 1 2017, no "fooling". Fantastic learning environment and people, well worth the investment and time... Many thanks to all involved in such a wonderful experience.

Kris Miller, April 2017

The IFR6 program was exceptionally professional and well run from start to finish. The syllabus is particularly well crafted to the material and timeline, and the simulator provides an incredible training experience that cannot be duplicated. Highly recommended to anyone considering accelerated or non-accelerated IFR training. Further, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the CRAFT crew to anyone contemplating any level of pilot certification or instruction

Gerald "Scooter" Harmon, April 2017

Blown away by the class. You can't get a grasp at doing IFR training right by doing rides at .7 hour one week, .9 the next. I was worried at first it would be too quick, but I don't think this training can be done any other way. Best learning experience ever. Amazed at how it all came together at the end. Kirk is fantastic, laid back and calm. I just can't say enough about how happy I am about the experience.

Bill Gerard, February 2017

Mike and his team have a great program put together. Their philosophy of “Learn in the sim, practice in the plane” really works in making you a better pilot. The staff is professional, knowledgeable and easy going, which made for a great experience!

Kevin Miller, February 2017

I just completed the IFR6 program and I'm amazed at the transformation in my flying skills in 6 days. I really didn't think it was possible going into the program and felt like I would need an additional few days tacked on. The IFR6 program is very structured and makes full use of the Redbird FMX simulator. The simulator is of tremendous benefit in building communication skills, avionics programming for approaches, and making the most use of your time through shooting many approaches in a relatively short period of time. It also saves wear and tear on your plane and fuel costs. I was able to fly several hours in actual IMC which was of tremendous benefit. The instructors all love to fly in actual IMC and take every opportunity to have students experience it during the course. Things really came together on day 3 and by the end of day 5 I absolutely felt ready for the checkride and for real-world IFR flying once the course was completed. Flying out of a busy Class C airport also strengthened my communication skills and confidence flying into other busy airports in the future. My goal was not just to achieve IFR certification, it was achieve a strong level of proficiency with IFR flying and IFR6 certainly achieved that. I will continue to file IFR every opportunity I get and I look forward to continue to build my IFR skills and experience now that course is completed. Immersing yourself in IFR training was certainly the way to go for me, and I would highly recommend it to other prospective IFR students.

Russell Quigley, Jan 2017