I am a busy professional guy who flies to work at least once a week. Having an IFR is a must for me. After my private certification, I started working on my IFR certification with the same instructor. With my and his busy schedules, it took several months for me to get 20 hours of instrument in. I went online and found the IFR6 course. I was very encouraged but very apprehensive. I gave Mike, the owner, a call that evening. After a long discussion with him, I decided to go for it. I flew my airplane to Charleston and started on the course. We spent the morning in the simulator and the afternoon flying to all the surrounding airports, shooting one approach after another. In the simulator, I was able to shoot at least 15 approaches in a morning getting me ready for my practical in the afternoon. Other than talking with the tower, there was not much different between flying in the simulator vs. flying a real airplane. In my opinion, flying an airplane was much easier than the simulator. It's all about repetition, and after 20-25 approaches, I was able to do it in my sleep. I liked the way the course is structured. I think Mike and Kirk (my instructor) got it down pat. I highly recommend this course to any one; especially, the professionals like me who have very limited time. Now, I go everywhere IFR. My airplane is no longer a toy...it's an enjoy tool!

Andrew Wynn, IFR6 Customer