Use Your Own Plane

At IFR Now, our Accelerated IFR course allows you to get your Instrument rating in six days, in your own airplane. We use a FAA-approved, full-motion Redbird FMX AATD, providing intensive training in every phase of your instrument skills, then … Read More

Fear of clouds was my problem! IFR6 was how I conquered that fear. If you have ever looked up into the sky and seen that small plane smoothly passing overhead and wished that it was you up there, then be careful what you wish for. The professionals at IFR6 can make your wish come true. The future of flight training has arrived for the new student pilot or the seasoned VFR pilot that wants to finish that elusive IFR ticket. From the first time I entered the IFR6 facility it was flying game on! The Redbird Simulator is a very real experience. It introduces the skills needed to fly before you climb into the airplane. Saving on fuel and airplane expenses is another huge benefit. No matter what your aviation goals are, IFR6 is the best deal around!

Mike Simmons, IFR6 is the best deal around!