This program was exactly as described. An accelerated course to an IFR rating. It is a well thought out and organized approach to IFR that eliminated months of local stop and go IFR training. All the staff were very professional and everyone was encouraging, friendly and always helpful in every way. Although intense (as expected), the simulator hours in the a.m. with flying in the p.m. reinforced the needed concepts. Flying in my own airplane to a variety of airports in differing weather conditions after the simulator (including actual IMC) was invaluable. The simulator was not a only a great learning tool, it saved many hours of wear and tear on my plane. With the number of hours provided by the simulator, the dedicated one on one hours provided by the instructor, and the instructional books provided, the cost of the course is a real bargain. For anyone interested in this type of learning, I would highly recommend this course and rate the overall experience as excellent. It is a well thought out approach to IFR. Again, thanks to Kirk, Mike, and all the staff at IFR6 for this experience.

Tom Operchal, Dec 2016

They tell you at the start that you will leave an Instrument Rated pilot and that is exactly what will happen. I found IFR6 after experiencing numerous cancellations and rescheduling at my local flight center where I was trying to train once or twice a week. The increased efficiency when you train all day every day is hard to believe until you experience it. And no waiting on a DPE that is scheduled 3 weeks out. They scheduled the DPE before I even arrived, shifted him up a day when I was ready early, and they even paid his fee. Using the Redbird Simulator, intensified flight training with top-notch CFIIs, working closely with the DPEs – it’s all about efficiency. A side benefit is the Charleston International Airport setting, a shared military and civilian airport. When I arrived, I rolled up to the line and parked my Cessna 182 next to six Marine Harrier jets. And where else can you be holding short for takeoff while a monster C-17 floats in for a beautiful touchdown a hundred feet away. It’s like attending a week long military airshow.

Rick Marucci, IFR6

I am a busy professional guy who flies to work at least once a week. Having an IFR is a must for me. After my private certification, I started working on my IFR certification with the same instructor. With my and his busy schedules, it took several months for me to get 20 hours of instrument in. I went online and found the IFR6 course. I was very encouraged but very apprehensive. I gave Mike, the owner, a call that evening. After a long discussion with him, I decided to go for it. I flew my airplane to Charleston and started on the course. We spent the morning in the simulator and the afternoon flying to all the surrounding airports, shooting one approach after another. In the simulator, I was able to shoot at least 15 approaches in a morning getting me ready for my practical in the afternoon. Other than talking with the tower, there was not much different between flying in the simulator vs. flying a real airplane. In my opinion, flying an airplane was much easier than the simulator. It's all about repetition, and after 20-25 approaches, I was able to do it in my sleep. I liked the way the course is structured. I think Mike and Kirk (my instructor) got it down pat. I highly recommend this course to any one; especially, the professionals like me who have very limited time. Now, I go everywhere IFR. My airplane is no longer a's an enjoy tool!

Andrew Wynn, IFR6 Customer

I want to take this time to express my gratitude to you and Kirk for the great experience during my recent IFR training. Your teaching approach of using the Redbird Sim to learn in and then going to the airplane to put those skills into practice is absolute genius. I must admit, prior to signing on with IFR6 flight training, I was very apprehensive. It just seemed that six days was not adequate to prepare me for my check ride. During my check ride, my examiner never asked me to do anything that we hadn’t practiced many times before. And after passing my check ride, it almost seemed too easy. Also, I would like to schedule a session if the future, just to keep my newly learned skills sharp.

Don Walker, IFR6 Customer

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Fear of clouds was my problem! IFR6 was how I conquered that fear. If you have ever looked up into the sky and seen that small plane smoothly passing overhead and wished that it was you up there, then be careful what you wish for. The professionals at IFR6 can make your wish come true. The future of flight training has arrived for the new student pilot or the seasoned VFR pilot that wants to finish that elusive IFR ticket. From the first time I entered the IFR6 facility it was flying game on! The Redbird Simulator is a very real experience. It introduces the skills needed to fly before you climb into the airplane. Saving on fuel and airplane expenses is another huge benefit. No matter what your aviation goals are, IFR6 is the best deal around!

Mike Simmons, IFR6 is the best deal around!