• About Us

IFR6 was conceived in 2008 to solve a problem: make flight instruction as efficient (and inexpensive) as possible. We recognized there were too many people who had spent a lot more money on their instrument rating than they originally budgeted. This was mostly due to the fact the cockpit is not the best classroom for flight training.

One key component stood out as a way to reduce costs, efficiency, and eventual success of a student: Flight Simulation.

For years, there was no solid flight simulator platform, at least for general aviation. The military and airlines could afford the millions of dollars for their simulators, but that was out of reach for us Piper and Cessna people.

That’s when Redbird came into the picture. Redbird offers high quality, high fidelity simulation platforms at an affordable price for flight schools. For the first time joe-shmo flight school could own a full motion flight simulator that could fit in their existing office or hangar space.

When we first started to consider how to apply this latest flight simulator technology to flight training, we decided to re-examine how we learned to fly. That answer? “repetition”.

Take each task, break it down into simple sub-tasks, repeat over and over until it becomes second nature. Then reassemble into a complete, flawless procedure. Sounds easy, right? Well, that was only half the battle. Even then, we had work to do.

We purchased a full-motion Redbird FMX, opened an office, and started teaching people to fly. A bonus was it was at a considerably lower cost. We experimented with different sim/airplane lesson configurations, using different techniques, task assignments and combinations, while seeking input from our instructors and students alike.

After two years of using the sim as a teaching tool on a daily basis, we developed the curriculum that is IFR6.

Our principle is simple: We don’t teach you in the airplane — we teach you in the sim — THEN — practice what you already learned in the airplane.

Some of our customers were told by our competitors that it couldn’t be done, but we have a list of Instrument-rated pilots who will testify that our program works.

Note: the Redbird is an Advanced Aviation Training Device, not a Flight Simulator, as defined by the FAA