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    Expand your flying horizons. Fly instruments with a rating from IFR6.

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"Mike & his team do an excellent job of providing a great simulator experience. The Rebird simulates the Cirrus SR22 very well and makes the transition training in the aircraft go much quicker. Highly recommended!"
"Totally professional, courteous and knowledgeable...and surprisingly affordable. Am going back for more. They really have their act together."
"Used the craft sim to practice approaches to keep my skills fresh for my upcoming instrument checkride. Great service as always."


Our Philosophy

Getting an IFR ticket means you open up your flying to all new possibilities. Not only do we want to assist you in your IFR goals, but we also want you to be a confident IFR pilot.

We do so in the following ways:

  • A structured and timely program
  • The use of modern full-motion simulation
  • Only the best instructors
  • Repetitive and recent learning
  • Total student focus. (Your specific needs)

On the Clock

Time always flies faster than an airplane. For you, we know time is hard to come by. That’s why our finely tuned syllabus takes you from zero to IFR Hero in 6 days.

Stellar Instructors

Not all instructors are created equal. Our Testimonials speak for themselves- people love our instructors. Only the best career instructors can take you through an instrument rating this quickly.


Our Proven Process

Not Just IFR

Your airplane, your schedule, and your ticket. We focus on your particular needs. You lead a busy life, and we want to help you get your ticket quickly so you can get back to business.

Truth is, you can go and get your IFR ticket just about anywhere.

However, the IFR rating is about the most serious rating there is. Margin for error in actual IFR conditions means that you must have a sound foundation of knowledge, practice and skill.

When leaving IFR6, you won’t only be a licensed IFR pilot in the FAA’s eyes, but you’ll be a confident IFR aviator, ready to take on this new horizon.

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We’d love to talk to you about your specific challenges. Use the form below to create a battle plan with our team.

Mike McCurdy

Founder | President

Mike is the founder of IFR6. An instructor himself, Mike is passionate about customer experience in flight training.

Kirk Bray

Gold Seal Flight Instructor

In love with aviation since childhood, Kirk is currently a Gold Seal Flight Instructor with only 1 failure out of 30. First jumping out of airplanes in the US Army, he eventually learned to fly them. Kirk has flown Coast-to-Coast in all different kinds of environments.

Guillaume Petin

Certified Flight Instructor

At the age of 7 Guillaume’s father got him flying. He’s been hooked ever since. He soloed in New York in 1984, did most of his professional pilot training in Arizona, and has flown and worked extensively coast-to-coast.


"The redbird simulator is well maintained, works well and provides opportunities that could not be had in the aircraft. The staff are extremely friendly, helpful and knowledgeable. I have trained in a few different facilities in different states and IFR6 is my favorite. If you are considering training here I would recommend going in and checking it out."
"As a licensed pilot, I was able to experience some severe weather and terrain that I do not get to face regularly. This is a great safe way to work on skills you never want to face in the real world. The staff is very knowledgable and friendly, Great Experience"
"What a refreshing experience, check-in was quick, instructor was punctual, and the preflight instructions to the point. It has been many years since I have been in the left seat but because of the patience of the instructor I managed to muddle along. I would recommend CRAFT to anyone interested in flying, or to the experienced pro with reams of logbooks. Thank you for a wonderful time and I will be back."